TorchPrep ACT Strategy Guide for Teachers

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Hey all! I am super pumped to get to work with a small group of your students. I am equally excited that you have the opportunity to work through ACT strategies with your own students as well. I believe that with a few core elements of our strategies shared below and your current expertise you will produce an absolutely stellar ACT prep course!

How can you think about and use these resources?
  • Below you will find a mix of videos and tools that are core to TorchPrep’s strategies and trainings. This is not an exhaustive list of our curriculum, but instead a handpicked set of principles that we believe you can successfully use and implement without tons of work on your end.
  • These videos are designed for you, not the students. We highly suggest watching them and then using what you’ve learned as opposed to just showing them to students.
  • Use these videos to challenge the traditional view of the ACT and help to unlock student buy-in and motivation to maximize their score on this test.
  • Each video also has a brief explanation with it. If the video doesn’t apply to your content area, feel free to ignore it.
  • Some videos have auto-populated quizzes. Feel free to ignore them!
  • Similarly, many of these videos reference other resources that don’t specifically apply to you. If the video mentions a tool you don’t have, don’t worry … you don’t need it. 🙂
  • Finally, remember that these are resources for you to use as you see fit. This is not a mandated curriculum, but for any of you who feel a bit directionless when equipping students on this test this page will be a great starting place.


How TorchPrep Views the ACT test (and how we think students should too) 🙂
  • It’s a bit lengthy, but we believe starting with the WHY is super important for students. Use elements of this video to help increase buy-in with students and convince them that the ACT matters and is beatable.

Low Hanging Fruit Strategy
  • This concept is huge for students. Most students need a change in perspective on how to attack standardized test holistically. This is a key strategy.

Math: Word Problem Strategy
  • Every math teacher on Earth utilizes some form of this. However, word problems are such a significant part of the ACT test that we implement this 3 step process for all word problems. It helps to increase belief and success!

Reading: Secret Weapon . . . FINISH THE TEST!
  • Most students take the ACT like every other test they’ve ever taken. They’ve always been taught to take their time and try their hardest on every question. Following this philosophy, most students will never be able to finish the Reading test. In this video we discuss the reasons finishing all 4 passages is better than taking 3 passages slowly and guessing on the final passage.

Reading: Playbook of Deception
  • The ACT question writers are NOT our friends. Their job is to weed students out using tricky methods. If you know the deception is coming, you are less likely to fall victim to it!

English: Diagnose Before You Decide
  • Would you want your doctor prescribing medication before they evaluated you? Heck NO! In the same way, we don’t want to try and answer the English questions before we’ve decided what’s wrong in the first place.

Science: How to View the Test
  • How do we approach the Science test? At its core, it’s not actually a Science test in the traditional sense.

Science: Passage Types
  • The test always throws the same kinds of passages at you. Knowing what they are will help you develop a strategy specific to each passage type.

Links to AWESOME resources for English and Math content remediation.
  • If you have a copy of the Official ACT Prep Guide, the content areas in the resources below are also aligned to the tests in that book
Link to our Bridge materials to help students continue preparing until test day. 
  • TorchPrep Bridge
  • Use these videos to review TorchPrep’s strategies as desired as well!