Student Testimonies

I got my score yesterday and got a 24 which was 4 points better than before I started boot camp! Thanks a lot for all of the tips on how to bump up my score. I will be sure to keep working through the tips and try to build up my score even more!

My English score went up 5 points and my Science went 3 points! The boot camp was totally worth the long grueling sessions!  Thanks !

On the ACT I took in December I got a 31, on this one I got a 34! Torchprep helped a lot, thank you!

thanks so much, my score went from a 27 to a 30 and my science score went from a 24 to a 33 so thats awesome, you’re the best!

I’m not sure if you remember me, but i was the runner who took the bootcamp class once already with Rhett and decided i needed to go back and put forth all the work. I never got higher then a 19 on the act but this time I got a 23!! Here were my sub-scores: English-22 Math-22 Reading-28 Science-19. Thank you again for everything!

Hey! I just wanted to thank you so so much! The first time I ever took the ACT I got a 21 and now, after doing the boot camp, I bumped my score up 5 points! My final score was a 26. So again, thank you so much! I am extremely happy with the results.I strongly encourage everyone to take the boot camp. It seriously makes a HUGE difference.

Went from 26 to 28. Thanks a lot

Today I got my composite score back, which was a 33! That is up two points from my practice tests. And I got a perfect 36/36 in English. This score will open so many doors for me and TorchPrep definitely helped me achieve this

Just thought I’d let you know I raised my score from a 28 to a 31! Now I can apply to the dentistry program at Louisville! Thanks so much!

Hi, I attended your Newport class and It really helped me! I raised a 27 to a 30!!
Thanks for all the help,

I started with a 25.  After taking your class, I got a 29! Thanks so so much! Now I can actually get a scholarship to LSU!

Just got a 31! Up from a 26! Thanks so much!!!

I just wanted to thank you! I had a goal of bumping my score up two points from a 26 to a 28 and I ended up with a 29! So obviously great news! Thank you so much for everything. You were a down to earth teacher who kept things fresh. The boot camp works!

I got my ACT results back and I’m ecstatic! On my first practice test in the course I got at 28, and on the actual ACT my score jumped 3 points! A 31! My reading alone jumped 5 points! I even had technical difficulties during the math section (which is usually my best section)! I’m already signed up for the next ACT and know that my scores can only go up from here!

Hey! I took the ww louisville prep class last session. I just got my score back and I got a 28, which is 3 points higher than my pervious score! I can now get the scholarship I’ve been working towards! Thanks so much for all your help!

On the ACT I took in December I got a 31, on this one I got a 34! Torchprep helped a lot, thank you!

Thank you guys so much, I don’t know how much financial stress you both have just relieved me and my family of, but I’m sure the impact of this will be monumental in my search for colleges and scholarships. Thanks for putting the time in to help kids in our area beat this test. I wish you guys the best.