School Partnerships

Partnering with schools is the best case scenario for all.

  • We do all the work – Your students enjoy all the benefits
  • Run TorchPrep Boot Camp exclusively for and customized towards your school
  • Lots of schools run prep programs but do not see great results
  • Training strategy: high energy, high excitement, highly relational connectivity
  • We do all the heavy lifting
  • Finances, sign ups, calls, emails, customer service
  • No contracts, just handshakes
  • School plays two roles
    • Give us a room
    • Give us your students
  • No more asking teachers to give up free nights or guidance to review science passages
  • Schools simply spread the word, promoting with emails, newsletters, website info, posters and fliers
  • Schools connect students to an awesome resource. Parents and students have strong incentive for high performance due in part to their goals plus the cost of course.
  • Everyone wins: we train the kids, schools have more time and resources plus higher scores, students are ready to dominate college

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