The following terms apply to our guarantee:

  • You attend EVERY course session (no late arrivals or absences)
  • You complete ALL of the required homework (seriously. .  it’s diagnostic and integral to our curriculum)
  • You must take the ACT directly following the Boot Camp (i.e. – the September Boot Camp preps for the October ACT.  If you wait until February to take the ACT you void the guarantee)
  • You must contact us to reschedule your seat in a Boot Camp within two weeks of receiving your national scores.  (Don’t wait until the next school year, the guarantee will not be valid)
  • Although we average around a 3 point increase a 1 point increase is still an increase and does not warrant a discount or repeat course
  • If your score does not increase after the first Boot Camp, you must come back through at no cost before you are eligible for a refund.  Our mission is higher ACT scores, and refunding your money after one try doesn’t help anyone.
  • The guarantee is student specific, and cannot be an umbrella for siblings (one student increased, one didn’t, both cannot come back through for free or discounted)
  • If your score does not increase, you must fax over a copy of your previous ACT score, and your current ACT score, showing that you did not experience an increase

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