To Qualify for TorchPrep’s Money-Back Guarantee:

  • Attend every course session (no late arrivals or absences).
  • Complete all of the homework (seriously…it’s diagnostic and integral to our curriculum).
  • Take the ACT® directly following your TorchPrep course (i.e. The September Boot Camp preps for the October ACT®. If you wait until February to take the ACT®, you void the guarantee).

TorchPrep’s Money-Back Guarantee:

  • We guarantee a minimum composite score increase of one point. Although averages are higher, only a student whose score remains the same or decreases is eligible for the guarantee.
  • Before a refund is issued, the student must retake a TorchPrep course (at no cost).
  • The terms of the guarantee only apply to the registered student and are non-transferable.
  • If your composite score does not increase, please email a copy of your previous and current ACT® scores to Correspondence must occur within two weeks of receiving your national score.

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