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Your TorchPrep strategies have probably grown cold.  Our courses always lead up directly to a national test date, because the strategies are most fresh and easily implemented immediately following a course. But, when you keep taking the test over and over again (just like we brainwashed you to) it can be SUPER-valuable to refresh the strategies one more time.

So we’re offering the powerful TorchPrep Refresher to help you STRATEGICALLY cram one last time before the upcoming ACT® test.

The TorchPrep Refresher is a single 7.5-hour session where all students who have previously taken our courses will have an opportunity to sharpen and refine TorchPrep strategies, to ask any looming questions, and to practice everything one more time.  Because, here’s the deal . . . when you take this test you can’t be wasting time trying to remember the strategies.  You have to know them well and be comfortable using them on test day!

This is the best way to tie up those loose ends and push for another increase!


  1. Can I take the Refresher if I have NOT taken a TorchPrep course previously?
    1. NO!! This course is only for students who have previously taken a TorchPrep course.
  2. Who should take the Refresher?
    1. Everyone who has previously taken a TorchPrep course and plans to continue taking the ACT®.
  3. Should I take the Refresher or sign up for the entire course again?  
    1. Lots of people complete the full course again.  It’s really up to you.  As always, the course will be more in depth and will cover EVERYTHING you’ve already seen.  The Refresher only hits on the major topics with an opportunity to practice them one time.
  4. What should I bring?  
    1. BRING ALL PRIOR COURSE MATERIALS!!! (Real ACT Prep Guide, Boot Camp Manual, calculator, watch, etc.)



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Date Day Time Session Location
Sep 07Sat9:00am - 4:30pm1Sullivan University


Sullivan University, 3101 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40205