AIR Test Base Camp

life is full of tests.

State AIR Tests are just some of them.

AIR Test State

TorchPrep’s BaseCamp Seminars bring together Test Prep, SEL, and Core Content to improve student success on End of Course Exams, reduce test anxiety, and create a culture of fun.

Less Anxiety. Better Scores. More Hope.

Base Camp

Reduce Test Anxiety
Increase Confidence
Improve Test Scores

How we do it:

Confidence & Identity

The Data is in: test anxiety directly hinders student performance. We don’t have an intelligence problem, we have a confidence problem. Using research backed methods, TorchPrep trains students to combat test anxiety, to increase their self confidence, and to enhance their school’s culture.

Test Prep

As a professional test prep agency, teaching kids the “tricks” to successful test taking is our bread and butter. From AIR Tests, to the ACT, basic testing skills create anything but basic results.


A strategic approach to End of Course Exams is very similar to the ACT. One must equip each student to identify their “Low-Hanging Fruit”. Most students have more content capacity than we realize, they just have trouble finding their capacities within the tests.

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