ACT® Writing Test DVD Training and Workbook

Price: $74.99

Did you know 28 out of the top 30 universities now require or suggest taking the optional writing portion of the ACT® test?  That’s why we’re offering an awesome guide to maximizing your score on the writing test!

This DVD training tool will walk you step-by-step through how to beat the ACT® writing test.  We give the low down on exactly how the prompts are constructed and also provide you with strategies for writing the perfect response.

So, if the writing portion of the ACT® test is on your radar, sign-up for our Writing Training DVD set.  We’ll hand deliver the materials to you at your actual Boot Camp location and you can go home, kick up your feet, pour yourself some lemonade and start preparing for this portion of the test.

1 DVD training course (approx. 2 hours)
Writing Training Workbook
-Guided Notes
-Guided Practice
-Three Full Practice Tests
Cost: $74.99