ACT Boot Camp

Get the help you need on the ACT test

Boot Camp makes test prep quick, approachable, & believe it or not…FUN.

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Our Why

We know smart, hardworking students of all backgrounds get stuck on this test.  No kid is a number, but this number really matters. We engage students where they are, speak to them in a way they understand, and work together to get a score that will get anyone where they want to go. 

Boot Camp

Get the help you need on the ACT test

The How

TorchPrep’s top-secret, super awesome methods seamlessly equip students with testing skills tailored to their individual content needs.  Across several weeks and multiple sessions, our trainers equip students with the tools to win, the emotional support to overcome testing anxiety, and the space to practice those skills.  Students leave TorchPrep with hope, skills, and the resources to continue growing well into the future.

Research proves that an academic intervention doesn’t work unless the student enjoys it.  Our trainers are youthful, smart, and awesome with high schoolers. We come from a variety of backgrounds: engineering, finance, medicine, and more.  Our common thread is that we’re ninjas at test prep who want to change the world.


Boot Camp Results

Across thousands of students, we average a 3 point increase on ACT scores.  The results vary per student, but, with certainty, a single point increase will easily cover the cost of Boot Camp! 

TorchPrep Boot Camp

$ 385
  • Cheapest Path To Best Score
  • Highly-Engaging Classroom Training
  • Individualized Content Plans
  • Guided Test Strategies
  • 8 Sessions - 28 Hours of Training
  • Guaranteed Score Increase

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We run in-person training in all of the cities listed below.  If you have any questions about scheduling, or don’t see your city listed below,  give us a call at 1.888.382.8174.  





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