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Boot Camp Guarantee

A Safety Net When You Need It Most

Most students who take Boot Camp increase their score. However, every now and then, students go through Boot Camp and do not achieve the score they were hoping for. It’s a bummer, but take heart! The journey to a higher score is often a tough one, and TorchPrep is with you every step of the way. 

How does the Boot Camp Guarantee work?

Details for TorchPrep’s Boot Camp Guarantee:

  Our guarantee is ONLY for Boot Camp trainings, it does not include Private Test Prep, Blitz, Refreshers, etc.

  We guarantee a minimum composite score increase of one point. Although, TorchPrep averages a higher increase per student, only a student whose score remains the same or decreases is eligible for the guarantee.

  Before a refund is issued, the student must retake a TorchPrep course (at no cost).

  The terms of the guarantee only apply to the registered student and are non-transferable.

  If your composite score does not increase, please fill out the form below. Correspondence must occur within two weeks of receiving your national score

To Qualify for TorchPrep’s Money-Back Guarantee:

  Attend every Boot Camp session (no late arrivals or absences).

  Complete all of the homework (seriously…it’s diagnostic and integral to our curriculum).

  Take the ACT or SAT directly following your TorchPrep Boot Camp (i.e. The September Boot Camp preps for the October ACT. If you wait until February to take the ACT, you void the guarantee).

Did your score not increase after Boot Camp?

TorchPrep is committed to you and your best score. Fill out the form below or call 1.888.382.8174.