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Torchprep Blitz

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Do you want to see more students: Hitting Benchmarks, Accessing College, and Winning Scholarships?

Over the past 9 years, TorchPrep's simple, school-wide approach has helped hundreds of schools to not let standardized tests hold their students back. Together, we can make the test open doors for kids, not close them.

TorchPrep Blitz Program

a year-long approach to mastering the ACT or SAT for every student
Experience The Test

EVENT ONE: Launch Test

Entire class (ex. Juniors) will take a full-length, retired ACT or SAT Test. Here’s what the process looks like: TorchPrep provides the test, school staff administers the test (just like the real thing), and we score it and return a detailed score report. 

Bottom Line: we don’t want the real ACT or SAT Test to be the first time they see the test.

Prep For The Test

EVENT TWO: TorchPrep Blitz

The TorchPrep BLITZ is a ground- breaking test prep approach that cracks the code on improving ACT or SAT Test scores. We’re obsessed with strategy, so we will introduce trainees to valuable ACT or SAT Test content-specific strategies. Once they’ve developed each strategy, we’ll have them practice it again…and again. Why? We‘re all about working smarter and harder.

15 hours of in-person training
Test-taking strategies
ACT or SAT content review
Motivation and encouragement for success

Master The Test


The Bridge is a resource designed to quite literally bridge the gap between the Blitz and the actual ACT or SAT Test. The Bridge consists of “Missions” that reinforce the content and skills learned in the Blitz. These follow-up video lessons & activities ensure students keep what they learned fresh in their minds.

It's not about test prep. It's about helping kids.

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